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May 20, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Boston, it’s been real.

Best of Bean Town video

As with all things that are too good to be true (living next to Fenway, falling asleep to the Boston skyline, free tasting at the Harpoon Brewery, etc.), this year went by way too quickly.

I moved to Boston in August and fell in love with the city. With an amazing apartment, my favorite teams, a group of great PR friends and a running route to die for, this was my spot.

But it’s way, way too obvious that it’s time for me to move along. For one, my apartment furniture is moved out and in UHaul storage, leaving me to sleep on basically a concrete floor for the past two nights. #Ouch.

Second, I may be the worst possible thing to happen to Boston sports. Since I’ve moved to Boston, every team has been cursed. Sox in September? Yep, I contributed to that. Pats losing to nasty NY? Me too. Bruins out in OT? Sorry sports fans, guilty again. All we can hope for is the Celtics’ success, because the second coming of the Bambino curse aka Stephanie Vermillion will be in London — you’re welcome.

And it’s time to move on because my great group of friends is splitting up for the summer, with many of us off to London together, and others interning and working over the summer throughout the country. I will miss you all!

I couldn’t have asked for a better year here in Boston, and although it went by way too quickly (just like that one, glorious tasting hour at Harpoon), I’ll remember every minute of it.

But if I’m anything like my father (and I am, in every good and bad way possible), I’ll start that whole memory loss thing pretty soon here. So to make sure I can relive these memories anytime I want, I’ve pieced together a video highlighting the best of Bean Town. Enjoy!



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  1. Stephanie / May 24 2012 10:20 pm

    Stephanie, amazing video. Good work. And thanks for putting me in there twice 😉


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