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May 22, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Greetings from London.

After what was a rather traumatic airport experience yesterday, the actual flight and arrival into London was uneventful, thankfully. Since I saved money via transforming into the Hulk and carrying three months worth of clothes on the T, I decided I deserved a cab ride to our new apartment — the foreshadowing of my savings account depletion from all the London things I convince myself I “deserve.”

After arriving at our new Kensington home, The Crofton, we took a neighborhood tour (our neighborhood is seriously fenced in by royalty and unreal architecture), and picked up groceries to start saving money by eating in, as my “American cheese on baguette sandwich” lunch totaled nearly $9. I can already guarantee I’ll be living off of PB&J this summer (PB2 & J to be exact, as PB2 peanut butter with only 45 calories isn’t just the best invention since sliced bread — it’s the best invention ever). If you have any other money saving in London tips, please let me know!

To begin learning this spectacular Kensington neighborhood I decided to kill three birds with one stone: go for a run to earn my first English beer of the trip, get ready for the Columbus Marathon in October and also see the well-known park system London has to offer just down the street. I ended up running through Kensington Garden and onto Hyde Park before I realized it was time to head back, go to the neighborhood pub, The Queen’s Arms, and cheers with my fellow flat mates to a great start to the trip and to prepare ourselves for the many great times to come!

Highlights from my first run in the London parks … needless to say this was my first of many visits:


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