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June 2, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

England vs. Belgium at Wembley Stadium

Today’s England vs. Belgium match was a great introduction to the world of European football. To become part of the true England football experience, my family and I went down to Wembley Stadium about five hours early to see the stadium area, including pubs and avid, singing football fans. And seeing as the pubs were too crowded for pre-game fish ‘n chips, we ended up getting our first Indian meal of the trip — an unusual pre-football meal, but it tasted delicious.

Chris and me at Wembley Stadium, London

With the Queen’s Jubilee weekend, and a sold-out match, Wembley’s walls were shaking from the enthusiasm, chanting and singing by both countries’ fans. And to make my intro to English football one million times better, David Beckham decided to surprise me at half time in a stunning suit and fresh hair do as always. (Ok, so he was actually awarded at half time and had nothing to do with me, but a girl can dream, right?).

So instead of explaining the rest of the game for you in detail (not sure how many more times I can correctly use “football” instead of “soccer” with out messing up and offending Mr. Beckham), have a look for yourself at this friendly football match at Wembley between England and Belgium.

And, spoiler alert: England gets the win 1-0 … happy Diamond Jubilee weekend, England!


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