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June 2, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Friends, family and fun over good (UK!) brews

Leave it to my brother to finally find an authentic UK craft brewery and the first UK beer I actually enjoy — the Punk IPA.

Last night he took all of us to the Brew Dog in Camden (by “all of us” I mean both my friends and my family). If you had asked me to bring my parents to a party in high school, 1) I would have thrown an all-too-common hissy fit in my room for hours, 2) I would have tried to find a way to sneak out of my house unseen (impossible) and 3) I would have been immediately uninvited.

The Vermillion family at Brew Dog, London

But, at this age (I still wince writing my age as “24”), I’m urging my parents to come out with us. I remember a quote I read online that goes something along the lines of:

“As you get older, your family become your friends and your friends become your family”

While I swore I would never actually believe one of those AIM profile life messages, this one kind of fits, especially after last night. And add a great, hoppy IPA to the mix, with numerous other beers for my friends/family to enjoy, and the blend of family and friends is pretty perfect.

(But don’t tell a 16-year-old Stephanie that — she can throw one heck of a hissy fit, right Mom?)

My Boston U, PR crew at Brew Dog, London


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