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June 4, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

God save the Queen: Diamond Jubilee Weekend, London 2012

I saw the Queen.

I filmed Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry & Prince William, and was (in my book most importantly) breathing the same air as Kate Middleton.

I watched the Diamond Jubilee fireworks from our Kensington, London flat window.

To say I’ll be royally content and completely starstruck for the rest of my life is an understatement.

Today London, the UK and the entire world celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, praising her for 60 years of loyal service to the country. The celebrations were historic, including the largest Thames River flotilla in 350 years (a fleet of 1,000 ships). The flotilla tradition dates back to Anne Boleyn, who travelled down the Thames on boat for her coronation.

For the June 3, 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration along the river, spectators and a passionate, proud London community (which I now call our BU group after six hours waiting in the rain for the royal family) were lined up to show Queen Elizabeth II just how much they appreciate her 60 years as queen.

Beyond the prettiness and pageantry (which the Royal Family knows how to do best), this weekend celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s honorable triumphs since her coronation in 1952. One of these achievements, possibly most important, is how loved and admired she is by her people.

And hey, if she has the prim, proper and perfect Kate Middleton in the family then she just upped herself exponentially in my book (although she hardly needs to “up herself” in my book, seeing as her combination of politics, corgi ownership and honorable, trustworthy leadership make her my favorite Queen in history!).


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