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June 10, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

The Cotswolds, England: a little piece of home

When I get a hint of homesickness here, usually it’s because I miss my loved ones, miss warmer weather, miss Trader Joe’s (seriously, every day), or I miss my dog (even more than TJ’s, believe it or not). I never thought I would actually get literally home sick and miss my parents’ house, but then I went to the Cotswolds.

My house in Kettering, OH – English cottage style

For a quick background, the house I was born and raised in is built of stone and looks like an old English cottage because, well, it is. Our house was brought over stone by stone from Stratford in England, and even originally had a thatched roof. It’s one of those unusual houses that people stop at while driving by, always conveniently (annoyingly) when I’m on the porch trying to catch some rays.

The Cotswolds, England – family in front of a similar house

But after this past weekend in the Cotswolds when we were those people gawking at beautiful cottages, I don’t blame those Kettering, Ohio tourists anymore … There’s something magical and captivating about an old English cottage – especially when you’ve lived in one.

The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds, situated about two hours west of London via train, are famous for the hundreds upon more beautiful hundreds of old English cottages. While most cottages look similar, each has a distinctive and special attribute that makes it unique and worthy of at least 50 photographs.

And, as always, I’m guilty for those 50 photos (or more) per house. But fear not, this Cottswolds photo gallery won’t take you hours as I’ve edited it down to only my favorites. Unfortunately, though, I had quite a few favorites; but after looking at some of these Cottswolds cottages can you blame me?


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