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June 11, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Sunshine and Saturday fun in Cardiff, Wales

I don’t think I’ve been more excited for my move to Mt. Adams, Cincinnati on this trip than this Saturday’s visit to Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales

For starters, the city of Cardiff is built around an ancient castle (can it get much better than that?), but it’s not just any city. It’s one of those cities that urban planners (aka my father) dream about because the downtown is bustling with shops, restaurants, pubs and, most importantly, people.

And although Wales and Ohio may be slightly different (we witnessed a “naked bicycle parade” during our outdoor dining, good bye appetite), I did see some major similarities that made me incredibly excited for the move.

Downtown Cardiff city side street, Cardiff, Wales

Although Cardiff is larger than Mt. Adams, the outdoor atmosphere is still the same. When I was looking for apartments this May, everyone was outside on porches or walking through the streets enjoying the beautiful weather and ambience. And, with the City of Cincinnati’s downtown area growing with more restaurants, pubs and shopping around The Banks, it’s not all that far off from the Cardiff downtown scene.

Another thing I loved about Cardiff is that people all over the city were celebrating for no other reason than the fact it was a lovely Saturday afternoon. Stroll down St. Gregory  street any warm, Saturday afternoon and I guarantee you’ll find the same thing exactly.

So for me, seeing the beautiful streets of Cardiff was a little taste of what’s to come in August. And if Cincy tastes anything like that homemade chocolate ice cream we got Saturday (of course it does, Graeter’s knows how to do chocolate), then there’s no doubt in my mind I’m more than ready.

Getting ready for the Olympics, Cardiff, Wales


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