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June 15, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

I love being content marketed to

For the first time in four weeks I actually don’t have minute-by-minute plans for the weekend. Sure, that could be a nice time to sleep in and relax, but let’s be realistic: If I’m in London, relaxing is the last thing I want to do (part of this may be due to the fact my full-size memory foam mattress is an ocean away from me).

So, to make sure I have the most on-the-go weekend I can (must check off that sightseeing list!) I spent a little time with my good friend YouTube this morning. Instead of using Google for sightseeing ideas, I thought the visual, interactive platform of YouTube would help me make better choices on how to spend my precious little free time here in London. And I was pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t as surprised by the different options of what to see (I can probably name the sights backward and forward with all the research I did before flying here), but more so I was surprised (excited, elated, etc.) to see a tourism-based company use content marketing to help consumers, while also getting its brand name out there. For the past six or so months I’ve been reading and educating myself on the value of content marketing, but to actually be content marketed to myself? What a pleasant PR surprise.

So for those of you not as marcomm (marketing communications) obsessed as myself, content marketing is when a business markets itself by helping consumers. This can include advice, tips, how-to’s, and the list goes on. Here is some more information on the wonderful world of content marketing if you’re interested (if you’re not, that’s okay, I swear I won’t be offended).

Anyways, back to a jam-packed sightseeing weekend turned into effective content marketing by The site offers travelers a database of hostels throughout the world to make booking easy and travel affordable. To promote itself and build awareness among its target audience (travelers), it used content marketing to create travel tip videos for different cities where they offer hostels, in this case London.

For those of you on the edge of your seat wanting to see this quality usage of content marketing, look no further. Here’s the Hostel World travel tip video I’ve been talking about. And another reason this type of marketing works? Many would likely focus on the tourism tips from this video and miss the fact this is part of Hostel World’s marketing mix. Now that’s effective marketing.


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