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June 22, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Vinopolis: The City of Wine

The minute I received my BU Grad School acceptance letter, I started DVRing every London travel show I could find to prepare for the perfect third semester in London. In one of these shows, Samantha Brown traveled to different London sights including Picadilly Circus (not my top priority), South Bank, and the Vinopolis wine tasting venue.

Just hearing about this last option, which offers wine, beer and liquor tastings, had me hooked well before I even started my first semester in Boston. And after finally getting my Vinopolis fix last night, I’d like to personally thank Samantha Brown for suggesting it, because it was the perfect place to celebrate our last grad school class ever.

Tasting tickets for Vinopolis, London, England

Tasting tickets for Vinopolis, London, England

I recently read about Procter & Gamble using the Vinopolis venue as its Olympic hub, which only further solidified my desire to get out there. It also put a hurry on things for  us, because Amy saw that the venue will be closed starting next week through the end of the summer. And thank goodness we got our tickets in time, because now that I’ve been, I can’t imagine a trip to London without a stop at Vinopolis.

The tour begins with a 20-minute wine tasting class, a topic I’m always happy to brush up on so I can fully enjoy my drink of choice (in my case usually craft beers, but a change of pace never hurts). After that they set you free with tasting tickets for wines from throughout the world, beers, whiskey (no thanks), champagne and cocktails. And when Amy and I saw the option to buy bread and various cheeses to accompany our wine, it was pretty obvious we had died and gone straight to dairy heaven.

Pretending to be excited for the Whiskey tasting part of Vinopolis, London, England

Pretending to be excited for the Whiskey tasting part of Vinopolis, London, England

For me, choosing wines is a little overwhelming since my area of expertise is craft beers. But just like my dad (who chooses any product  if it’s from Africa), I chose most of my wines based on the fact they were from South Africa (close to my little students in Moshi!). Although they didn’t taste quite as good as my favorite African brews, the South African red wines were extremely dry and delicious, so I was more than happy.

With three semesters-worth of classes over, and only two finals left next week (then completing our degrees with an internship starting July 9!), Amy and I knew we had to celebrate our hard work. While we’re sad it’s closing for the summer, it’s probably best we didn’t experience Vinopolis earlier, because with wines, brews and unbelievable cheeses, you’d find us there every night.


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