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July 7, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Volvo Ocean Race Arrivals Regatta Party

After nine months at sea, it’s more than necessary for the Volvo Ocean Race sailors to relax and let loose on dry land. Thankfully the event planners recognized and capitalized on this need with the Arrivals Regatta Party (open to the public) on July 3, the night after the boats arrived. My mom told me I used to be scared of and hide from all the sailors during our vacations in Michigan, but I thought I might as well go ahead and chance it for the Volvo Ocean Race party (I’d ridden through and climbed up the Irish mountains, how much worse could it get?).

Volvo Ocean Race Arrivals Regatta Party, Galway

Volvo Ocean Race Arrivals Regatta Party, Galway

Thank goodness I took that risk, because the party was everything I had hoped to see and more in terms of Irish entertainment (although the ice cream, early-to-bed festivities in Killarney weren’t hateful, either). We had Irish dancing, Irish fiddle music, sailors celebrating and, most importantly, endless amounts of smoked salmon throughout the evening. And to top it off, several of the finalists for the Rose of Tralee, an integral part of Irish culture, were presented and interviewed on the main stage.

To say it was the perfect way to start a week-long University of Dayton friends reunion in Galway would be putting it very mildly. At UD, St. Patrick’s Day feels like Christmas and the Irish Club is of equal importance as student government. so after watching this Arrival Party video I put together, I’m sure you’ll understand why this quintessential Irish night was just what us UD alums needed!


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