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July 13, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Fresh air and flowers in London’s city parks

With hundreds, maybe thousands, of sights to see in London, sometimes it’s nice to just take a breath of fresh – not fume-filled – air.

Thankfully BU understands its students’ need for green space and clean air, as my Boston apartment was steps from the Charles, and now my London flat is a short walk from Kensington Gardens.

London Parks

London Parks

I’m a pretty consistent London parks attendee, if you haven’t noticed, but I spend most of my time running rather than fully appreciating each park’s amenities –specifically the flower gardens.

Just like the parks continue on from Kensington Gardens – Hyde Park – Green Park – St. James’s Park, the flower beds are also on a continuum, with stunning colors and fresh aromas every step of the way. Once I slowed down from my zoned-out, runners-high runs and noticed these quiet, serene areas, I found myself gravitating toward them daily, so much so that after my accidental eight-mile trek home from Tower Bridge, I went out of my way to walk through every park garden I could for the scenery and relaxation.

Now I do those walks whenever I get a chance (through the gardens, not accidental eight miles), because when my mornings are filled with smelly Tube goers and jam-packed work days, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy the simple, peaceful parts of life like a quiet garden just steps from my Kensington flat.



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