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July 15, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Brighton: beaches, beauty and beastly birds

One thing I’ve been told by friends and family with full-time jobs is that a major perk of the work world is having no homework. Sure, you take work home with you to get ahead, but for the most part Friday evening-Sunday night is no longer spent stressing about exams.

Brighton Pier, Brighton Beach

Brighton Pier, Brighton Beach

Instead, it’s precious time off to be enjoyed, and since we all have full-time internships now, we can take advantage of this free time, too. Therefore, we decided to celebrate no homework with a trip to Brighton “Beach” (quotations meaning the 90 degree heat and fluffy sand was MIA, as expected).

The city of Brighton is located along the English Channel, with picturesque houses and cute shops overlooking the water. Brighton’s Pier is a main city attraction, and felt like a mixture of Boardwalk Empire (a similar set up to Atlantic City) and Daytona Beach(enough arcade games and fried food to last a lifetime). It’s a stunning walk out to the end of the pier, and somewhere beyond the elephant ears and incredibly unsafe roller coasters you can get a view of the whole city set upon the water.

Pre-bird attack, Brighton Beach

Pre-bird attack, Brighton Beach

The walk back in from the pier, while still beautiful, can be a life-scarring experience. Amy found this out all too well when she was brutally attacked by seagulls in a Jaws-like, ravenous fashion after pulling out her cheese and chutney sandwich for lunch. While it was extremely traumatic for her (she hates birds to begin with), as a bystander I’m not complaining, because it was absolutely hilarious (once I found out she didn’t have mad bird disease, of course).

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

After recovering from her run in with Brighton’s rats of the sky, we went over to check out the Brighton Royal Pavilion. The pavilion’s architecture looks straight out of Turkey, minus the grey skies and cold weather. It was built for the royals between 1787 – 1823, and stands today as a famous museum and symbol of Brighton.

Our lunch following the pavilion was at an outdoor patio, which was enjoyable with a bit of sunshine, but not very relaxing, s we spent most of our time ducking and dodging at every sea gull “caw caw” we heard. Needless to say the trauma was a little too much for all of us to handle (especially Amy, who probably used an entire bottle of hand sanitizer in two hours).

We decided to get home a little early and decompress from our lovely day spent wandering the beach and brawling with birds. As for Amy, it was time for a long, intense shower. And as for me, it was time to set up a barricade between our beds to fend off the mad bird disease dreams she’ll be having for the next four weeks.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach


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