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July 19, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Yummy toffee from Ye Olde Cheshire

I’m not usually one to order desserts, because I try to save them for special occasions (e.g. taking my dog out to get ice cream — which will be happening the first day I’m back in the States). But sometimes, only sometimes (ok, so probably anytime), you can twist my arm for some sugary goodness, especially if it comes with a side of history.

A good friend and world traveller told me before heading over  here that I must try the sticky toffee pudding at Ye Olde Chesire Cheese. Not only is the pudding a famously delicious London treat, but this particular secret sticky toffee pudding recipe is found only within the walls of the historical Chesire Cheese, one of Charles Dickens’ favorite pubs.

I did some reading up on the pub after hearing about the pudding possibility (food research is my favorite research) and found that Charles Dickens’ favorite spot of the pub was just next to the fire place in the main dining room. Therefore, Amy, Carolyn and I made sure we got our dining room seats to retrace Dickens’ steps and get the full effect of the experience.

With the dim lights and old-school restaurant set up, all I could think of was Ebenezer Scrooge at the Melancholy Tavern, sitting alone and asking for more bread (after 20-some years reading that with my dad, I’m pretty close to full memorization).

I snapped out of my Scrooge nostalgia just in time for our sticky toffee pudding to arrive — and oh my did it exceed expectations. The food-high joy of eating one of London’s best, famous, delicious desserts in one of London’s oldest pubs felt almost too good to be true.

It was good, it was true, and in just about two minutes it was gone. But I’m sure I didn’t eat the whole thing (definitely impossible …), it must have been a ghost, maybe Jacob Marley? His routine of carrying pounds upon pounds of metal chains and emotional baggage could really work up a need to late-night binge.


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