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July 21, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Chelsea, where have you been all my life?

We’ve lived in the beautiful borough of Kensington for almost three months now, but for some reason it’s taken us two and a half months to discover the charming, quaint neighborhood of Chelsea only one mile away. 

To celebrate a second successful week interning in London, Amy and I chose to mix it up a little bit and try out a new neighborhood’s pub scene. It was between High Street or Chelsea (both in walking distance, I’m avoiding the Tube at all costs), but since I’m still slightly scarred from the overpriced High Street haircut, Chelsea was the easiest choice.

And thank goodness it was, because just walking through there once we were already planning our next visit. The neighborhood itself feels like Beacon Hill in Boston (or Mount Adams in Cincinnati, of course!) with cute little shops and quirky, independently-owned restaurants, cafes and pubs. It’s bustling at night with people just getting off work, but still calm enough to sit back, unwind and enjoy a cheese board and/or a (slightly warm) pint of Fullers — the perfect combination.

I ended up walking back through that same borough again this morning for a physical therapy appointment (because PT is on everyone’s London sightseeing agenda), and with my glasses on I could actually read the store signs and fully comprehend my need to do some Chelsea exploring as pronto as possible.

But with the closest Chelsea block including a cheese sample shop, Belgian waffle café and creperie, I might need someone to roll me along the rest of my exploring route (any takers?), because when it comes to carbs or cheeses, it’s a sin to say no.


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