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July 28, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

Mr. Bean brings in the London Olympics at the 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Last night was the night I had been waiting for since I got accepted into my Boston U graduate program over a year ago — the 2012 Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies in London, my summer place of residence. When I put two and two together last spring (acceptance letter + BU London 2012 study abroad), I couldn’t believe my luck. And last night with the Opening Ceremony stir throughout the city, those feelings of giddiness and awe took over again.

Unfortunately my status as a student, not multi-millionaire, left me without an actual Opening Ceremonies ticket (the most “reasonable” price we could find was well above $1,500), so Amy and I had to adjust accordingly, celebrating over Fullers and English food instead of glitter, gold and unexpected guest, Lord Voldemort.

We found a nice American couple to sit with at the pub since seating had filled up so quickly, which was perfect for sharing freedom fries and planning USA cheers for when the stars and stripes entered the arena.  But, as we found out, it took hours upon hours of history lessons, hospital beds and crazy fireworks before we could do our “hip hip hooraying”.

The further the ceremonies went, though, it was nice to have some third party reassurance that we weren’t alone in thinking much of the Opening Ceremony celebrations were slightly strange and a bit confusing.

But then again, it just simply wouldn’t be the Olympics without an … enormous … lifeless, um … baby … right?

While I was a bit unsure at some parts of the ceremony, I have to say that Mr. Bean’s surprise appearance was brilliant, and by far my favorite part of the night (besides the Queen speaking of course, she’ll always place first in my book!). It’s been far too long since I’ve been connected with Mr. Bean, and no matter how childish his humor is, he’ll always crack me up.

With my first place/gold and second place/silver of personal favorites from the ceremonies going to the Queen and Mr. Bean, I still have my third place/bronze to give out, which without a doubt goes to the American study abroad students at the pub pulling out a huge stars and stripes flag followed by the “USA, USA” chant when our nation’s athletes entered the arena. It was the perfect way to support our soon-to-be gold-medal country, which could have only been improved with one slight wardrobe change: less cute sundress and more “patriotic” Boston Halloween costume (sorry no link here … if you really want to see the ultimate America costume, you’ll have to closely watch my “Boston, it’s been real” video).

Before signing off, I have a final, incredibly important observation from the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies:

1. Kevin Garnett would look 1,000 times better representing team USA than Kobe. Disagree all you’d like, but I have proof:




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  1. quirkymatter / Jul 28 2012 7:21 pm

    Frankly, I was expecting to be a lot more entertained by the opening ceremony. It was a bit amateur.


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