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July 30, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

With two weeks left, it’s time for fine London Indian dining

So, are you ready for a break from the Olympics yet? Yeah, me neither, but seeing as I just had my first London Indian restaurant experience, I think it’s best to halt my Olympic talk and switch to food while the wonderful smell of curry is seeping through my pores.

Amy and I had been saying for almost three months now that we needed to get good Indian food while in London, but the immediacy didn’t hit us until mapping out our last days, when we realized that 1.) we have so many bucket list restaurants to hit up, and 2.) we only have 12 days left. Time to eat, drink, be merry and make Indian reservations, for next Saturday we depart.

So we did, making post-dinner reservations at Tamarind Indian Restaurant — the same one we sampled at Taste of London, talk

Tamarind: Papdi chana chaat: spiced chickpeas, with tamarind chutney, sweetened yoghurt, gram flour crisps and a sprinkling of blueberries, London

Look familiar? This was the Papdi chana chaat we tried at Taste of London!

about effective, behavior-changing marketing!. That one little sample of papdi chana chaat had us sold on Tamarind, and when we were reunited with that beautiful spiced chickpeas, tamarind chutney, sweetened yoghurt, gram flour crisps and blueberry dish, we knew we had made the right choice.

The entire meal was the perfect London Indian we had been craving, with the biggest, best samosas I’ve ever tasted and some delicious vegetarian options. Fortunately the post-meal weather was nice as well, because it was more than necessary for us to walk off the naan and rice filling our button-bursting stomachs.

I must say, though, somehow this fancy Indian meal still didn’t match up to my favorite Indian restaurant of all time, Amar India. No matter how many places I try,  nothing ever does. But I’m crossing my fingers that changes this August when Mount Adams’ new Indian restaurant, Mantra on the Hill, is .1 mile from my apartment. For those of you wondering, yes my dad Google Map’d it the second I signed my lease … you know where to find us move in weekend!



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