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August 6, 2012 / Stephanie Vermillion

A sports lover’s dream weekend: The Olympics

I thought I had it good in the sports world living around the corner from Fenway Park in Boston (and sitting on the Green Monster, walking on the pitchers mound and all those unbelievable things), but this past weekend has given the Bean Town a run for its money. If you need to ask why, please take two seconds to connect the front page of every sports section worldwide with the name of my blog.

Yeah, you guessed it — we went to the Olympics. And not just the freebie Olympics like I had for cycling, I’m talking real deal, golden tickets here.

London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

It was the perfect way to spend our last full weekend in London, starting Thursday night with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe theater tickets (so cute, until my stomach was bursting from one too many “Turkish delights”).

Friday morning was an early one, with Olympics Beach Volleyball tickets for 9 a.m. Not exactly the recipe for catching up on sleep, but we begrudgingly decided to suck it up and chug coffee at the Horse Guards Parade venue.

London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

Note: I’m joking about hesitating over the decision of sleep or Olympics. I was up and at ’em, wide eyed like a kid on Christmas morning awaiting my first real Olympic event. And it surpassed every single expectation I had … which is likely to happen when the venue is set in Westminster, the most historic part of town. We watched women’s volleyball between Germany and Germany (three guesses on the outcome of that game), and men’s volleyball between Poland and Switzerland, with Poland coming out on top.

London 2012 Olympics Men's Football: Senegal v. Mexico

London 2012 Olympics Men’s Football: Senegal v. Mexico

Our successful post-game trip to Portobello Market was a sign that the weekend would continue on in flawless fashion, and Saturday at Wembley Stadium for the men’s quarterfinal game between Mexico and Senegal was more than perfect. The stadium was decked out in Olympic decor, which was much different than my last time being there. And the game was a nail biter, especially because I was one of the few people around me cheering for Senegal (since my parents went there on honeymoon, and it’s in my favorite continent, Africa, it was no question who my loyalty went to). It went into intense OT, and unfortunately my boys from Africa didn’t come out on top.

London 2012 Olympics Women's Marathon

London 2012 Olympics Women’s Marathon

And to top off a sports-addict weekend, Sunday morning a number of us faced the rain and went out to cheer on the Olympics Women’s ¬†Marathon runners. The setting, like Horseguards Parade venue, was incredible. We cheered on the women with Big Ben towering over us, and although it was pouring rain, I got those same goosebumps I had during the Boston Marathon, which made me even more excited to get back home and get into full marathon training gear for the Columbus Marathon in October (despite the fact I’ll be finishing over an hour slower, and looking ten times more pained, than every single woman in that Olympics race).


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